Wednesday, March 5, 2014

If the Plug-O Fits...

Metal Powell Plug-O
Plug-Os can be very helpful for many people, but what if it does not fit?  Is this possible?  Actually, it may be the case for some Powell Flutes, but there is definitely an option in this situation...

Powell's Repair Technician, Rachel Baker, shared a customer inquiry with us this week.  She said the customer wrote, "I purchased Powell Plug-Os, but they don't fit.  They are too small.  Do you have any recommendations on what to do?"  Of course, Rachel had a recommendation, and it is very simple.  If you order Powell Plug-Os®, and they are too small to fit, you can order the Sonaré Plug-Os®, which are slightly larger and should fit.
So, why would a Powell Plug-O not fit a Powell flute?  Well, some Powell flutes, particularly those made in the 1960s and 1970s, have French keys with holes that are slightly larger than French keys on today's Powell flutes.  Why is this?  Rachel tells us that designs simply change over time, and that is the case here.  She also said it may be hard to tell what size you need, but both the metal Sonaré Plug-Os or silicone plugs will be 9mm in diameter, and the Powell Plug-Os (and plugs) will be 7mm in diameter.  If you are thinking of ordering Plug-Os, Rachel recommends ordering the Powell Plug-Os.  If they don't fit, you can simply return and exchange them for the Sonaré Plug-Os.  Both types of Plug-Os are available directly on the Powell website in the VQP shop at

Screen shot of the Plug-O page in the VQP Shop.

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