Thursday, January 16, 2014

Note to Repair Tech

When you send your flute out for a COA or overhaul, your repair technician will certainly know what to do in terms of standard "procedures."  However, our repair technician asks customers to answer a few questions before sending their flutes in to the shop -- just to give her a general idea of their preferences.  In other words, she likes to know how the customer prefers a few things like fit and tension so that she can make the flute feel exactly the way they like it when it's done!

So, if your technician does not already ask, you should still share your answers to the following questions when you send your flute in for standard maintenance:

1) Are there any problems with the flute?  This would include anything happening with your flute that is not "normal."  You may have trouble getting certain notes out, or you may notice that some keys are harder to close than others.  Perhaps you have some sort of key noise or sticky pads.  The list could go on and on, but you probably get the point!  Let your technician know about any issues you might be having with the instrument.

2) How do you feel your headjoint and footjoint are fitting?  If your headjoint and footjoint are not fitting the way you would like them to, let your technician know.  Perhaps they are too loose or too tight.  Fit issues can certainly be remedied by the repair tech.  It's important to let the tech know, because flute players have different preferences when it comes to headjoint and footjoint fit.

3) How do you like the current spring tension on your flute?  Again, players have different preferences here.  Some players prefer a lot of tension, some not so much.  You can certainly feel the spring tension in your keys when you play.  If you think you would like more, less, or the same, let your technician know.

The technician will normally gauge tension and fit against his/her standards, so even if tension and fit do not need to be adjusted, make sure to indicate this.  Your tech will get a sense of how you like the flute to feel.  When the tech first receives the flute, s/he will evaluate it -- and your answers to the questions above will help in the assessment.  Once your tech knows your preferences, s/he can make sure your flute has the perfect feel when you receive it back from repair!

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