Friday, May 10, 2013

The Anti-Tarnish Square

The anti-tarnish square in the case
Have you ever wondered what that little square sponge is inside your Powell flute case?  Maybe you've seen it in some of our photos on Facebook, too.  Well, if you order a new Powell and see it there in the case, don't throw it out.  It's not an extra packing sponge or cushion for the G# key.  It is actually an anti-tarnish sponge.  When your case is closed, it helps create an "environment" that will keep your flute from tarnishing.  Powell's Vice President of Production, Rob Viola, shared the story behind the square.  He said that it was really quite simple -- he got it at a place that sells tools.  As he recalls, it was being used in packaging ball bearings to help keep them dry.  He figured it would work well as an anti-tarnish piece in the flute case, so he gave it a try.  It worked very well, and it also fit better in the case than the typical anti-tarnish strips.

At Powell, we also hand treat each flute with an anti-tarnish coating as part of the finishing process.  So, with the protection of the coating plus the safe environment created in the case by the sponge, your flute should be happy and tarnish-free.  Also, always remember to wipe your flute only with a microfiber cloth.  A microfiber cloth, as opposed to a polishing cloth, is free of any chemicals or solutions -- so it is safe.  As tempting as it is to use polishing cloths, Rob reminded us that anything that makes your flute "shiny" will wear it down.  So, trust in the power of the plain, microfiber cloth to keep your flute clean -- and don't throw out the little square sponge in the case!

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  1. Is it possible to order just the squares from you? I'm so annoyed with my 3m strips!


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