Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Dented Tenon - Part I

Ouch!  Someone's flute did not have a very good day.  But, never fear -- it can be fixed!  In fact, it is quite common according to our repair technician.  She said that the most frequent culprit is a music stand.  So, young flutists should be especially careful when putting their flutes together and taking them apart -- especially in the band room amongst the metal stands.

The dent on this particular flute is on the center joint at the footjoint tenon.  This is problematic because the dent will cause improper tenon fit and air leaks.  Without the tenon fitting properly, there is a risk of having the footjoint fall off -- which could certainly lead to greater problems.

We spotted this dented tenon in the repair shop and will follow it through repair.  Our technician plans to re-round the tenon to gain the right size and shape.  During the re-shaping process, the ultimate goal will be to have a straight, non-flared, non-taped tenon.  We invite you to join us again a week from today for the results!

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